Books, College, and More

I live in Haiti where I’m a dreamer, lover of chocolate and peanut butter, a mama, and believer in showing the world what is beautiful. And love, lots of love.

I write different books and content on the web.

I’m passionate about digging deeper into knowing and understanding college culture. I am privileged to be here, even when it means bucket showers:)

My Experience with Textbooks

For a short period of time I worked at the college book store on the campus near my house. It was a really fun experience but ultimately it motivated me to investigate some online options. I still can’t figure it out, why are textbook so damn over priced?!

At first I used Chegg rentals mostly as the company I would refer friends to. Eventually I also discovered great coupons for Abebooks which at times is the best route.

It’s amazing what kind of deals you can find if you do some quick comparisons. The other great option people forget about is e-textbooks. With companies like Cengagebrain you can access your book from a tablet or computer.